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How To: Raise a chaco golden knee tarantula

In this series of pet care videos, our spider expert will introduce you to the dangerous world of the Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula. However, their lives may not be dangerous in the way you are used to thinking of tarantulas: as a horror movie nemesis that threatens to off the hero with just one bite.

How To: Culture fruit flies

In this online video series learn how to culture fruit flies from fruit fly culture expert Richard Reavis. Watch these videos to learn about the different types of fruit flies. And learn fruit fly culturing essentials such as what materials and supplies you need to culture; how to select fruit flies; how to clean the culture area; how to measure and properly mix the media, water, and yeast for the culture; how to add flies to the culture; how to prevent infestation and contamination of mites ...

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