How To: Fix a live butterfly's broken wing

Fix a live butterfly's broken wing

This video tutorial from Live Monarch shows you how to fix a live butterfly's broken wing. You can help restore flight to a butterfly in need -- you can be a hero and make a real difference.

WARNING: You might not want to do this unless you are CERTAIN that you know what you are doing. Fixing a butterfly wing is relatively easy, and you need not a medical degree, but accidentally worsening the butterfly's condition is the last thing you want.


1. Take a deep breath and remember this is a delicate butterfly and it may not realize that you are helping. Your first time may prove a challenge.
2. Carefully capture your patient and place it in a suitable container free from sharp edges. I use a glass as pictured.
3. Place glass in refrigerator. This will slow down the butterfly to enable you to better position it so as to do a perfect job. Emphasis on perfect! Butterflies are cold blooded so when chilled they are more relaxed or at least much slower.
4. Prepare your work area and tools.
5. Place patient carefully on a flat towel and place first pair of tweezers over wings as pictured to hold butterfly down and immobilize wings. (No Flapping)
6. Gently reposition broken wing if available so that veins match original configuration.
7. Match all new wing components and ensure there is a perfect fit. You may substitute slightly different butterfly wings if necessary...size is important. Spread a very thin layer of adhesive on the different matched sides using the tooth pick. Be very careful not to slop or let the butterfly flap its wings or it will fuse them together. Contact adhesive is permanent.

And there's more to it, just get the full detailed instructions.

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This video is incredible.


amazing detail

This video is insane, I wonder who was the first person to try this procedure? Incredible!

Simply amazing!

damn, those are like pet sized butterflies!

Who would have thought you could do this?

wow who'd a thunk?

The butterflies appear really tame and docile. I wonder if you could teach them tricks? They look like they might make interesting pets!


I just want to say that this video really helped me... Tonight i was walking on the beach and I noticed a butterfly laying on shore, wings wet and stuck together. I brought it up to my room and let his wings dry... Once they were dry and he was able to flutter them I noticed his wings were broken as well. I watched this video, and i successfully repaired his wings, and It's now flying on its own... thank you!

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