News: Suture a live Monarch butterfly's wing - honest

Suture a live Monarch butterfly's wing - honest

This seems unbelievable and quite unnatural, but the backyard surgery of reconstructing an insect's wing is possible.

Friend of WonderHowTo, Christopher Singer, runs the Live Monarch Foundation. He's wholly devoted to protecting the beautiful garden fairies in a way that seems as outrageously unimaginable as putting a man on the moon.

We have never quite seen such authentic devotion to an insect before.

Fix a live butterfly's broken wing

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This video is incredible.


amazing detail

This video is insane, I wonder who was the first person to try this procedure? Incredible!

Simply amazing!

damn, those are like pet sized butterflies!

Who would have thought you could do this?

wow who'd a thunk?

The butterflies appear really tame and docile. I wonder if you could teach them tricks? They look like they might make interesting pets!


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