How To: Make bug spray

Make bug spray

Learn how to make bug spray. Follow this simple, eco-friendly recipe for an effective alternative to chemical-laden bug spray.

You Will Need

* 1 Spray bottle
* 1-c Witch hazel
* 1-c Cider vinegar
* Eucalyptus oil

Step 1. Pour witch hazel into spray bottle

Pour the witch hazel into the spray bottle. This is the base for your bug spray.

Apply witch hazel directly to mosquito bites for instant relief.

Step 2. Add cider vinegar

Add the cider vinegar.

Step 3. Add eucalyptus oil

Add five to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil to the mixture.

Step 4. Shake

Screw the cap on your spray bottle, and shake it up.

Step 5. Apply

Apply the bug spray, avoiding your eyes and mouth. Now you're free to enjoy that backyard barbecue without having to worry about being bugged by mosquitoes.

FACT: Traditional Aboriginal, Chinese, Indian, and Greco-European medicine systems used eucalyptus oil.

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