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How To : Fix a live butterfly's broken wing

This video tutorial from Live Monarch shows you how to fix a live butterfly's broken wing. You can help restore flight to a butterfly in need -- you can be a hero and make a real difference. WARNING: You might not want to do this unless you are CERTAIN that you know what you ...more

News : Watch Out or This Billboard Will Sting You

The world's first bee populated billboard features 10,000 of the insects, drawn in from a local honey bee farm, using queen bee pheromones. The billboard is a call to action for England’s diminishing bee population, which has decreased by 50% in the last 20 years. Now that yo ...more

News : Super Rare Bumblebees Build Homes With Flower Petals

Two research teams, in Turkey and Iran, both recently discovered an incredibly rare species of bees. Coined the Osmia (Ozbekosima) avoseta bee, the insects use colorful flower petals to create papier-mache cocoons for their offspring. NPR reports: "Building a nest takes a da ...more

How To : Get rid of spiders and cobwebs

Are cobwebs taking over the lesser used areas of your home? Do you hate bumping into a big, uninvited spider guest in your doorways? Well, look no further. Springtime brings pollen, dust and pests, all of which contribute to those annoying webs, and this tutorial will provide ...more

How To : Kill a cockroach humanely

Dealing with a cockroach problem? Maybe you want to get rid them but you don't want to feel guilty about killing them. Kill them the humane way and sleep easy knowing you caused them no harm on your path to a cleaner apartment. This video offers some helpful tips to taking of ...more

How To : Get rid of chiggers

With summer just around the corner and the family spending more time outside insects such as chiggers can become an annoying hindrance to outdoor activities. Luckily, there are ways to deal with the little buggers with a little effort and some key items. Follow these tips to ...more

How To : Make an easy, inexpensive homemade gnat trap

Gnats seem to come out of nowhere - one day your house is clear and the next you're covered in a million little pests. They get in your eyes and nose and all over your food. Forget about calling an exterminator - in this tutorial learn how to use 3 simple household items to cr ...more

How To : Get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen easily

Fruit flies are the biggest pain in the you know what. They come out of nowhere, swarm in packs and are virtually impossible to get rid of without tearing your kitchen apart. Don't you wish there was a simpler way to rid yourself of these annoying pests? Well, you're in luck! ...more

How To : Mark a queen honey bee

Marking a queen bee will allow the beekeeper to locate her easily by the now distinguishing spot on her back. Specialty markers can be purchased from a beekeeping supplier, but similar ink can be found more easily at a local arts and crafts store. Just make sure to let the ink ...more

How To : Get rid of bees

It’s nice to have pollinated flowers and honey, but we could do with out the sting. Thankfully, there are ways to lessen your chances of being barbed. You Will Need * Bee traps * A pest control expert * Mothballs (optional) * Pantyhose (optional) Step 1 Know your bees. Nonso ...more

News : Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

If you've ever had even the slightest encounter with bed bugs, you know they are the most feared, nastiest vermin in New York City, as well as other closely populated spaces (re: college dorms). The latest nasty bit of news on the topic concerns clothing retailer Hollister- th ...more

How To : Get rid of fleas using no chemicals

In this video tutorial, we learn how to get rid of fleas at home without using chemicals. One way to do this is to chop up 6-8 lemons and let them sit in hot water overnight. After the evening, pour the juice into a spray bottle and spray it onto your pet's fur, which will kee ...more

How To : Make an ant farm

Why buy an ant farm? It’s simple and fun to make one from a few items you have lying around the house. WARNING: Do not put fire ants in an ant farm! Step 1 Cut the mouths and necks off both bottles. Wrap the outside of the smaller bottle in black construction paper, and secu ...more

News : What if Your Face Was Covered in 50,000 Bees?

Every year in Ontario, Canada, the Clovermead Bees & Honey, Bee Beard Competition is held. Categories include squeezing honeycomb, lighting smokers, suiting up quick, and building bee boxes, and catching bees. The category highlighted in the name of the competition, Beebeardi ...more

How To : Dissect a wasp

If you find a dead wasp in your room (and it has been "un-living" for a while you may want to dissect it for pure science--even if you use a screwdriver.

How To : Make a cricket farm

Need to build a cricket farm? In this video, learn about the best method to breed and raise crickets, beginning with your own two hands. With thanks to Crawdad Outdoors, learn how to build your own cricket farm at home.

How To : Get rid of fungus gnats hanging around your plants

DO you have those little flies hanging around your houseplants? Aren't they annoying? Those little pests are called fungus gnats and they can be difficult to get rid of. In this tutorial, learn exactly what those flies are and where they come from, and most importantly how to ...more

How To : Make bug spray

Learn how to make bug spray. Follow this simple, eco-friendly recipe for an effective alternative to chemical-laden bug spray. You Will Need * 1 Spray bottle * 1-c Witch hazel * 1-c Cider vinegar * Eucalyptus oil Step 1. Pour witch hazel into spray bottle Pour the witch ha ...more

How To : Raise a chaco golden knee tarantula

In this series of pet care videos, our spider expert will introduce you to the dangerous world of the Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula. However, their lives may not be dangerous in the way you are used to thinking of tarantulas: as a horror movie nemesis that threatens to off the h ...more

How To : Get rid of fleas using household products

To get rid of fleas take a pan and put some water in it. Float a tea light candle in the water and light it. Take some dish soap and pour it into the water. Mix the soap into the water. You are not trying to make a lot of bubbles but the soap in the water catches the fleas. Pu ...more

How To : Stay away from bedbugs while on the road

There's nothing worse than finding a few bedbugs on your body. These gross little creatures are starting to appear all over the United States and are popping up in hotels all over. These little insects can be an big problem for people, but can easily be avoided. So check out t ...more

News : Suture a live Monarch butterfly's wing - honest

This seems unbelievable and quite unnatural, but the backyard surgery of reconstructing an insect's wing is possible. Friend of WonderHowTo, Christopher Singer, runs the Live Monarch Foundation. He's wholly devoted to protecting the beautiful garden fairies in a way that seem ...more

How To : Raise bees on a farm

This video beekeeping tutorial series shows how to raise bees. Bees can do a number of things for farming self sufficiency. They can help pollinate crops. Of course, they make honey and also a little bit of wax. Watch this video and learn how to start beekeeping. Part 1 of 4 - ...more

How To : Make a wooden frame for a beehive

Check out this detailed beekeeping video tutorial on how to construct a wooden commercial frame with wax foundation for use in a honey bee hive by beekeepers. Also, learn how to use a plastic frame.

How To : Tell if you have bad pests in your yard

Having bugs in your yard can either be a good thing or bad. There are some bugs that can promote healthy growth, while others destroy your beautiful plants and can be a burden on you and your yard. So it's important to know which is which and how to take care of them properly. ...more

News : Recipe for Take No Prisoners Flyo-caust

Curbly says, "This fly paper is delicious! How couldn't it be with ingredients like this?" Ingredients: 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 tablespoon granulated sugar brown paper Mix your ingredients together, pour over strips of brown paper, and let soak overni ...more

How To : Deal with yellow jackets

Nothing ruins a romantic fresh air picnic like the buzzing of angry yellow jackets—especially since, unlike the useful honey bee, they can use their stingers over and over again... Learn how to deal with bees without getting stung. This instructional video from Howcast offers ...more

How To : Care for a pet tarantula

Tarantulas make fascinating pets but do require a lot of care. Learn more about keeping tarantulas as pets with tips from an exotic animal expert in this free video on pet spiders. Part 1 of 15 - How to Care for a pet tarantula. Care for a pet tarantula - Part 2 of 15. Click t ...more

How To : Get rid of fleas

In this video the instructor shows how to get rid of fleas. He starts telling about how infectious the fleas can be and how much trouble they can cause. He gives a step by step procedure on how to get rid of them. He says that you should eliminate the threat first by removing ...more

How To : Care for bees and practice beekeeping

A Northern CA beekeeper introduces the honeybee, shows slides of her small operation, and shares lots of personal beekeeping tips on things like hive placement and discouraging bears. Beekeeping can be a rewarding way to get your own fresh honey and beeswax. Watch this video i ...more

How To : Care for your tarantula

They're creepy. They're hairy. But they still make great pets. For some of us, at least. Watch and learn how to care for your tarantula. Created by our favorite British imports over at videojug.com, this informative tutorial gives you all you need to begin your loving relation ...more

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